Get guidebooks & maps before you study Spanish abroad

Get guidebooks & maps before you study Spanish abroad

lost traveler guidebook go Spain learning Spanish It’s a great idea to get guidebooks before you study abroad. This way, you can familiarize yourself with your new city and country before your trip. It also gives you something to read on that long plane ride and during inevitable airport delays!

The best guidebooks are a wealth of great information, including not only places to see, where to stay, etc… but also important cultural tips that can be indispensible for preventing embarrassing mistakes while studying abroad. If you go to Spain to learn Spanish you can call free or skype to Alhambra Instituto and they will call you free and explain all your questions.

Get Guidebooks & Maps Before You Study Abroad

You should also purchase some maps, especially of your host city, and study them a bit before you travel. Why? Well, for one thing, there’s no better way to be spotted as a tourist – and potential target for thieves – than to be wandering around with a huge map flapping in the breeze!

After studying the map in detail at home, you can a) fold it so that the most relevant part to you is facing outwards, and/or b) sketch a small replication of the route you will need to take once arriving on another piece of paper. Doing either or both will allow you to quickly, easily, and accurately access the information you will need as soon as you leave the airport.