Nature in the middle of the centre

Nature in the middle of the centre

It is called El Parque de Málaga, Parque de la Alameda or simply El Pearque. This park is placed in the centre of Málaga. It is more than just a traditional park, you are able to walk through the park but its also possible to walk the paths on the outside and it owns renaissance as well as baroque character. A mediterranean garden with a huge amount of subtropical plants which makes it one of the most important local parks from Europe. There you can find a big composition of the exotic world of plants.




The park was founded in 1896. At this time the ambitious President of the Council of Minister, Antonio Cánovas del Castillo, started a project and extended docklands by creating the park. Also the modern structure was formed. The Author of this project was Marquis de Larios. The main designer was Joaquin Rucoba. On 2nd August 1997 the city has received the urbanization although different things were created in 1921 and 1997 to carry out the park as it appears today. Since then the park had some renovations.

Besides the hundreds of plants like Monstera, Brahea Armata, Acer negundo, you can find numerous monuments:


  • Monumento a Antonio Muñoz Degrain
  • Monumento a Arturo Reyes
  • Monumento a Bernardo Ferrándiz
  • Monumento al Comandante Benítez
  • Monumento a Eduardo Ocón Rivas
  • Monumento al Fiestero
  • Monumento al Marqués de Guadiaro
  • Monumento a Narciso Díaz de Escovar
  • Monumento a Rubén Darío
  • Monumento a Salvador Rueda
  • Ninfa del Cántaro
  • Ninfa de la Caracola
  • Burrito Platero

There you can absolutely enjoy the silence, read a book or just to relax a little bit after your lesson 🙂

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